Follow Manchester United football news, results and highlights with these websites

Manchester is a city of football. In my last post I talked about where to find the top Manchester City football news and highlights. I don’t want to make any jealous in Manchester and bring the rivalry up, so this is normal that today I make a blog post about the history rival of Manchester City FC, I obviously mean: Manchester United or also called Man United or The Red Devils. So, today, I am going to give you a ranking of the top 7 websites, blogs and apps to get Manchester United football news, results and highlights.

I recommend you to try them all in order to make your own judgement. A ranking is always subjective, so you might and I am sure you will not agree with all of my choices.

For the little history, Manchester United was created in 1878 but at the time it was named Newton Heath LYR F.C. and was renamed Manchester United in 1902. The team plays in the English Premier League at the stadium of Old Trafford. Sir Alex Ferguson is a legend at Manchester with the 38 trophies he won. You can find all you need to know about Manchester United history and trophies here.

But now, it’s time to talk about the latest Manchester United football news, results and highlights. Below you will find a list of the top websites, blogs and apps to get all the Man United news you want. Enjoy!


Manchester United football news, results and highlights

1. Manchester United news, Manchester United highlights, results and schedule by Football Addict

2. Manchester United’s First Fanzine by Red News

3. The Leading Manchester United Forum – Red Cafe

4. Manchester United Blog, News and chants by Stretty Rant

5. Manchester United Blog – Manchester Utd News by Faithful MUFC

6. A Manchester United Site – News, blog, opinions and more by Red Devil Armada

7. Manchester United Blog and News Website by RedMancunian


This was my ultimate list of the top 7 websites to get Manchester United football news, results and highlights. With these 7 websites, blogs and apps, you won’t miss anything anymore about your favourite English Premier League team.

Best websites to follow Manchester City football news and highlights

I already wrote 3 blog posts about Premier League teams from London: Arsenal FC football news and highlights, Chelsea FC news, highlights and results and Tottenham Hotspur FC football news and I thought it is time to focus on another city of football. The 2nd and 3rd city of football are Liverpool and Manchester (With no order), so which city I am going to talk today? You probably guessed it thanks to the title of the post, we are going to talk about Manchester and more precisely the team of Manchester City. Today, I am going to present you the best websites to follow Manchester City football news and highlights.


Manchester is a city from the north of England and is legendary in the football Premier League mostly thanks to Manchester United. However, a new “rich” team arose in the past few years: Manchester City. Indeed, even if Manchester City is an old time rival of Manchester United and even if Man City has been founded in 1980, it really became a good team since 2008. Since then, more and more Manchester fans started to support the team. And today, I want to show you a list of the best websites to get all the latest Manchester City football news and highlights.


official-website-manchester-city-fc-news-man-cityOfficial Website Man City – Manchester City FC News

If you are a Manchester City fan, you obviously know the Man City Football Club official website. You get here all the official news from Manchester City such as scores, results, rankings, schedule, transfers, photos of players, interviews… If you don’y know it yet, try the official Man City website, it has an interesting feel.


man-city-square-a-manchester-city-fc-site-news-rumours-blogs-and-moreMan City Square – A Manchester City FC site – News, Rumours, Blogs and More

Man City Square is the Manchester City football fan website. You will get the official news but what is good is that you will also get rumours and gossips from Man City FC, which the official website does not provide. Man City Square is often updated and this is the website you want to check if you are a Manchester City football fan.


football-addict-manchester-city-news-manchester-city-results-highlights-and-scheduleFootball Addict – Manchester City News – Manchester City results – Highlights and Schedule

Football Addict is just the best aggregator when it comes to follow Manchester City football news and highlights. They curate content from the official website of Man City as well as Manchester City fan websites. In addition, Football Addict also has a free iOS and Android app to get all your Man City FC dose wherever you are.


manchester-city-mad-manchester-city-fc-newsManchester City MAD – Manchester City FC news

Manchester City Mad, as the name says it clearly if for people who are mad about Man City. So, if you hate Manchester United and love Manchester City football club, this website is for you.



This was my selection of the 4 top websites to check Manchester City football news and highlights. With these 4 websites and apps, you won’t miss anything anymore about your favourite team.

5 outstanding websites for Chelsea FC news, highlights and results

I already wrote 2 blog posts about Premier League teams from London: Arsenal FC football news and highlights and Tottenham Hotspur FC football news. London is indeed a city providing many great football teams. There are at least 10 professional and competitive teams in London. Today, I am going to talk to you about another team: Chelsea. Chelsea is a London football team created in 1905 with Stamford Bridge as a stadium. Chelsea is owned by Roman Abramovitch since 2003, which made the team step up in the Premier League. To know more about Chelsea football club, I invite you to check that page: click here. Today, I am not going to give you the whole Chelsea history as you can find it in many other places on Internet. What I want to write about is where to find the top Chelsea FC news, highlights and results on Internet.

Indeed, you have dozens of football, Premier League or Chelsea news websites but it isn’t easy to find the best ones. That’s why, thanks to friends’ opinions, I selected 5 outstanding websites to get Chelsea FC news, highlights and results. I hope you will like my compilation. I can tell you that with these websites, you won’t need any other websites to check Chelsea news.


chelsea-news-latest-news-live-scores-transfers-rumoursChelsea News – Latest News – Live Scores – Transfers Rumours

This is the official website of Chelsea football club. So, this is without any doubt that you can find Chelsea FC news, highlights and results here. You will get all the official FC news such as scores, results, schedules, unique articles, rankings and more.


chelsea-fc-true-blue-news-transfer-rumours-highlightsChelsea FC True Blue – News, Transfer Rumours, Highlights

Chelsea has a lot of fan websites and I believe Chelsea FC True Blue is the best. Their website design is good and their content is original and often updated. Plus, you can get unofficial news too.


football-addict-chelsea-fc-news-highlights-results-and-scheduleFootball Addict – Chelsea FC news, highlights, results and schedule

Football Addict is a football aggregator and I have to say, this website has a great section about Chelsea. You can find here official but also gossips, rumours or unofficial Chelsea FC news, highlights and results.


my-chelsea-fc-newsMy Chelsea FC news

My Chelsea FC is another Chelsea fan corner. So, if you are a fan of Chelsea football club, I recommend you to try that blog. The advantage of this website is that their content is great. The down point is that the web design could be updated.


chelsea-fan-zone-newsChelsea Fan Zone News

Another Chelsea FC football fan zone website. The web design is nice but unfortunately I find that their content is not updated enough. If this blog could be combined with the previous, this would probably become the best Chelsea FC news, highlights and results fan website around.


This is it for today. So, I invite you to check the 5 football websites above. With these 5 websites, you will be able to follow all the Chelsea FC news, highlights and results but also scores, rankings, schedule, gossips, interviews and more.

5 awesome websites to get Tottenham Hotspur FC Football News

Following our latest blog post about Arsenal FC football news and highlights, I had to create a blog post about one of their best or worse ennemies/rivals: the team of Tottenham Hotspur or just call them the Spurs. This would not be fair to talk about Arsenal with mentioning where you can get the best Tottenham Hotspur FC football news around.

Tottenham is a legendary football club from London created in 1882. In the recent years, recruitment has been one of their keys and they are now one of the leaders of the Premier League next to teams like Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City or Liverpool.

This blog post will be different than others. I am going to give you the list of my favourite 6 websites to check the Tottenham Hotspur FC football news but I will keep the description super short to let you discover those sites.


tottenham-hotspur-fc-news-results-highlighs-football-addictTottenham Hotspur FC News – Highlights and Results – Football Addict

Top Football Aggregator curating the best websites on Internet. Perfect to get all Tottenham Hotspur FC football news, highlights, results, schedule…


tottenham-hotspur-newsTottenham Hotspur News – Official

The official Tottenham Hotspur website. Get all the official news but not the gossips.


kick-news-latest-tottenham-hotspur-news-rymours-transfersLatest Tottenham Hotspur FC News, Rumours and Transfers – Kick News

Reddit Style. Do you like Reddit. Kick news is the Reddit of football. Upvote and down vote your favorite articles.


tottenham-fc-news-transfers-and-gossip-caugh-off-sideTottenham FC Transfer News, Rumours and Gossip – Caught Off Side

Great insights about Tottenham Hotspur players. You will get much more than the official stuff here.


spursweb-tottenham-hotspur-news-and-transfer-rumoursTottenham Hotspur News and Transfer Rumours – SpursWeb

The Tottenham Hotspur fan website. You will read articles directly from Spurs fans. Great insights, opinions and with an inside perspective.


I hope you enjoyed my selection of the 5 best websites to follow Tottenham Hotspur FC football news. Enjoy the discovery and see you soon!

Top 5 Websites for Arsenal FC Football News and Highlights

Following our 3 latest blog posts about football leagues (more precisely the Bundesliga News & Highlights, the Football Premier League news and the football championship news), I thought it was time to write about football clubs. Following leagues is great but people usually follow clubs in particular. Today, I want to give you my top 5 websites to get the best and latest Arsenal FC football news and highlights. Why starting with Arsenal? Because, in my opinion this is a great club with an amazing coach (Arsene Wenger) who’s coaching Arsenal FC for 20 years now. What an accomplishment!

So, I believe Arsenal deserves to have its first club post on our new blog Learn Football. The past 2 decades, players like Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Robbie Van Persie, Emmanuel Adebayor and many other great players played with Arsenal always bring the club to Champions League even if the Premier League is the most competitive football league in the world. Also, even if I am not an Arsenal fan, I always had a lot of respect for the beautiful game they offer. Therefore, below you can find my selection of the best website to get Arsenal FC football news and highlights. I hope you will like my compilation and try those websites.


The Official Website of Arsenal Football Club

official-website-arsenal-football-clubHow could I talk about Arsenal without mentioning the official Arsenal FC news & highlights website. On this website, you will get the latest official news, scores, videos, photos from Arsenal.  So, if you want to get all the official football info from Arsenal, this is definitely the place to be. Important to note that because this website is the official one, you won’t get the same info or gossips that you get in tabloids like the Sun.


Just Arsenal News – Arsenal Transfer News & Rumours – Arsenal FC Team News

just-arsenal-news-transfer-rumours-football-clubJust Arsenal is the best website if you are an Arsenal FC fan. As the name says, you will get here only Arsenal news. You will have all the Arsenal FC football news and highlights but you will also be able to listen to the latest conferences, watch the highlights or goals and have a look to the schedule, the scores in live, the results, the ranking and much more.  If you like Arsenal, I strongly recommend to try Just Arsenal.


Arsenal FC News – Arsenal FC Results – Schedule : Football Addict

football-addict-arsenal-fc-news-highlightsDo you know the football aggregator NewsNow? The info they get is ok but their website design is from 90s, isn’t it? This is what Football Addict tries to improve. This is also a football aggregator but their info is relevant and their design is updated. Their section on Arsenal is complete and if you are an Arsenal fan, this is where you will get all the info you want. Either you are looking for Arsenal FC football news and highlights, or results, schedule, gossips, transfers, rumours, videos and more, Football Addict will please you. If you don’t know this website yet, give it a try. Moreover, Football Addict has a free iOS and Android app in order all the Arsenal news on your smartphone.


Arsenal FC – Latest News on Metro UK

arsenal-fc-latest-football-news-metro-ukWho doesn’t know Metro UK? Probably no one living in the UK. Metro is a more generalist newspaper but when it comes to Arsenal, I have to say that their news are pretty neat. Their section on Arsenal FC football news and highlights is complete and their original content provide great insights.


Sky Sports : Arsenal News – Latest News & Highlights

arsenal-news-latest-news-highlights-sky-sport-footballSky Sports is as famous as Metro UK if not more. Sky Sports are specialised in all sports, in particularly football and the Premier League and they have a section about Arsenal which is amazing. So if you are an Arsenal addict or fanatic, try Sky Sports Arsenal FC football news and highlights category.


This selection was based through several Arsenal fans that contacted me or that are my friends. Then, I tried all those websites and more to give you my favourite 5 websites to get Arsenal FC football news and highlights. With these websites, you will not need to get your Arsenal FC dose for anywhere else anymore.

Best Websites to Get Bundesliga News & Highlights

After our 2 recent blog posts about the English football (Football Premier League news and football championship news) I thought I could write about another league that I love watching: the Bundesliga. Indeed, even if the Premier League is the most watched football league in the world, I believe the Bundesliga should be more watched because German football is quality football, a lot of techniques and tactics as well as amazing goals. Every weekend, you can see countless actions and goals that in my opinion are incredible. Of course, the 2 best teams are the Bayern Munich and the Borussia Dortmund but the German Bundesliga is much more than those 2 clubs. There are great teams like Bayer Leverkusen, Schalke 04, Wolfsburg and many others. So, below I am going to give you the best websites to get the latest Bundesliga news & highlights.

So, if like me, you love watching great goals shot from 30+ yards, the following websites are the 5 top places on Internet to get all the best Bundesliga news & highlights, don’t hesitate to give them all a try.


Bundesliga Official Website

bundesliga-official-website-newsWe cannot speak about the Bundesliga without mentioning the official Bundesliga news & highlights website. You’ll find all the latest official news from the Bundesliga which means that you will receive Bundesliga news & highlights as well as watching goals, conferences, videos, players photos and more. However, if you’re looking for rumors or gossips, this might not be the best website.


Bundesliga Fanatic – German Football: Past, Present & Future

bundesliga-fanatic-german-footballThis is the top fan website for Bundesliga. As their title says, this is for Bundesliga fanatics. On this website, you will obviously get all the latest Bundesliga news & highlights as well as ranking, calendar but also great insight about the Bundesliga history. To find gossips, transfers or rumours, Bundesliga Fanatic is great too. You need to give it a try if you follow the Bundesliga.


Football Addict – Bundesliga News – Bundesliga Highlights

bundesliga-news-bundesliga-highlights-football-addictFootball Addict is the place where you will find all the information about the German football. You might know NewsNow, then give a try to Football Addict. This is the same concept as it is an aggregator, the main difference is that Football Addict has a much more friendly design. You will navigate on all the best Bundesliga news & highlights with ease. There is no better place for football news, highlights, scores, results, videos, gossips, rumours or anything you’re looking for about football than Football Addict.


Onefootball – Bundesliga news

onefootball-bundesliga-newsOnefootball is kind of a classic to follow the Bundesliga. I am sure you know it already and if you don’t, you should give it a try. . Probably one of the best Bundesliga football websites out there particularly to get football Bundesliga news, highlights, videos, images and results.


Soccer Highlights Today – Bundesliga Football Highlights & Goals

soccer-highlights-today-bundesligaYou love the Bundesliga but you don’t call football “football” but “soccer”. You probably are North American and Soccer Highlights Today is for you. Their part about the Bundesliga news & highlights is very complete and you’ll love it, I guarantee.


I sincerely hope you liked our selection of the top 5 websites to get all the football Bundesliga news & highlights as well as watching games, goals, results, calendar, transfers, gossips and more. Stay tune for our next blog posts!

Top Places to Find the Latest Football Premier League News

After our recent blog post about football championship news, it was obvious and normal that we do an article about the 1st division: the Premier League. The Premier League is the most watched football league in the world. It is considered as the best league too even if none of their clubs won the wanted Champions League or a bit lower the Europa League. Indeed, Spanish team from La Liga won them all the past few years. And this is why I want to talk to you about where to get the latest football Premier League news.

Anyway, you are here because you want to be updated about the Premier League and get news about the best scorers, videos, gossips, interviews, watch teams like Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton, West Ham, Tottenham Hotspurs or other team do in the Premier league. Below we are going to show you the places, website and apps we find the best to get all the Premier League news, highlights and results you are looking for.


Premier League Official – Latest Premier League Football team News & features

latest-premier-league-football-fixtures-news-and-resultsWe cannot talk about the Premier League without mentioning the official Premier League website. You will find all the official news from the Premier league, meaning news, highlights, goals, conferences and more. But, if you’re looking for rumours and gossips, you might want to try another website.


Football Addict – Premier League News – Premier League Highlights

premier-league-news-premier-league-highlights-by-football-addictAs opposed as the official Premier League website, on Football Addict, you’ll get all the news you’re looking for like videos, highlights, results, schedule but also gossips, transfers or rumours. Football Addict is the best football aggregator on the web and for your happiness, they even have an app available on Android and iOS.


Fox Sport Asia – Premier League – Football News

fox-sport-asia-football-premier-league-newsFox Sport is a classic when it comes to sport and football. However, we decided to include Fox Sport Asia on our ranking as it is in our opinion better designed and easier to navigate. Give it a try to get all the football news, results or highlights with an Asian perspective. Very interesting!


Tribal Football – English Premier League News, transfers, videos and more

tribal-football-english-premier-league-newsTribal Football became a classic the past few years and it deserves a spot in our selection. Probably one of the best football websites out there especially when it comes to get football Premier League news, highlights, videos, photos or results.


EuroSport – Premier League Live news, photos and videos

eurosport-premier-league-live-news-photos-videosEuroSport is a pretty general website for all kind of sports. But, we like their section about the Premier League and therefore we included it to our compilation of websites and ressources.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 5 websites to get all the football Premier League news, goals, results, calendar, transfers, highlights, gossips and more.

Best Places to Find the Latest Football Championship News

So you want to read more about the Latest Football Championship News… We have good news for you, we have compiled the best websites that will let you read more about what is going on in football championships. What is championship? This is the name for the English football 2nd division. There is the Premier League corresponding to 1st division and then championship.

Why starting by the 2nd division for a 1st blog post? Because we believe the English Championship is great with teams like Cardiff, Nottingham Forest, Bristol, Cardiff… So, if you want to get the latest football championship news results, highlights or check the latest goals, have a look to the following websites.

BBC Sport – Championship Football

bbc-sport-championship-footballBBC is a legendary news website and it is also recognised as one of the best ressources when it comes to writing about football championship given that they are one of the biggest sports news authorities.


SKY SPORTS – Championship News – Latest News and Highlights

sky-sports-championship-latest-football-news-highlightsSky Sport is a classic choice but you should try it to follow the Championship news. I absolutely love sky sports because they have a function that allows you to follow your favourite teams as well as a very comprehensive transfers section.


Football Addict – Championship News – Championship Highlights

football-addict-championship-news-highlightsFootball Addict is perhaps the best site when it comes to following championship news and championship highlights, it has stellar reviews as well as a very detailed scoreboard and team based news. This is the top aggregator for championship football news with a user-friendly design.


Sports Mole –  Championship – Football rumours, gossips, transfer news and results

sports-mole-football-rumours-gossipsSportsMole is great if you like the latest buzz about football players and their careers. Although there is less about championship, this site is ideal for those who are big football player fans. In the championship, you have a great choice of players to follow and choose from.


We hope you enjoyed our list. With these 4 websites, you won’t miss a thing about football championship news.